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Park Layout And Cabin Options

Our park layout allows for cabins in 3 areas in the park:

  • Beachfront setting offering sea views
  • Lakeside setting with views down the valley through the natural bush reserve and across to Back Lake; and
  • Park Setting offering views across the park and some with sea views.

The Park layout allows for plenty of space around and between the cabins, with numerous shaded lawn areas and picnic tables for your use.

The solar heated pool, under cover Barbeque area and Communal room are centrally located allowing for easy access from any cabin in the park. All cabins are located within an easy 3 minute stroll down the front lawn to the beach or lake.

Beachfront Setting

The cabins in our Beachfront setting offer panoramic views over the ocean off Short Point: Watch the whales from your verandah!

Enjoy a leisurely lunch from the picnic tables nearby or watch the kids at play on the huge front lawn with a magnificent ocean backdrop.

beachfront setting

Lakeside Setting

Our Lakeside cabins offer a tranquil, leafy setting adjacent to the natural bush reserve with views down the valley through the bush and across to Back Lake.

Enjoy the huge variety of birdlife and the range of wildlife including visits from wallabies, kangaroos, echidnas and the odd goanna.

lakeside setting

Park Setting

These cabins are located in the main section of the park, some overlooking the lake while others overlook the park; some with beach views across the park.

Ideal for families or groups as well as studio cabins for couples.

There are spacious lawned areas around and between the cabins and many picnic tables for your enjoyment.

park setting